FHN: 1st-Horizon National Corp. (NYSE:FHN)

 1st-Horizon National Corp. (NYSE:FHN) recently declared its 3rd-quarter 2k19 fiscal results. Stated earnings for each share (EPS) were $0.350, remaining steady from the 2nd-quarter 2k19; on an adjusted basis1, earnings for each share were $0.430, up 2.0 percent from 2nd-quarter 2k19.

“1st-Horizon’s results this quarter demonstrate our ongoing progress in executing our planned priorities in addition to our ability to deliver solid earnings power, better efficiency, and balance sheet growth,” said Bryan Jordan, 1st-Horizon’s chairman and CEO. “I am happy that our revenue growth across the company together with our ability to closely manage costs led to strong returns and profitability. I remain confident in the strength of our business model to adapt to the evolving needs of our customers and changing market conditions.”

Highlights for the 3rd-quarter include:

  • Strong loan and deposit growth across key markets and in specialty areas
  • Average loan growth of 5.0 percent LQ and 10.00 percent YOY
  • Average deposit growth of 1.0 percent LQ and 5.0 percent YOY
  • Regional Bank average loans up 5.0 percent LQ
  • Strong Fixed Income with average daily revenue up 15.00 percent LQ and 83.00 percent YOY